Ideal Client

Wondering if you are right to work with me?

Here are some common issues that my clients come to me with.

  • medical conditions that have not been resolved with traditional medicine
  • help with emotions after a traumatic event like a death, breakup or major life change
  • the feeling you are stuck in life
  • problems with grief, anxiety, and depression
  • help and support because you are going through an illness
  • you have a family member or friend who is struggling with an illness or difficult time
  • chronic health problems that have never been properly diagnosed or resolved
  • wanting to make a change to living a healthy, more conscious lifestyle
  • a desire to work on your spiritual development

See if you resonate with the types of clients I work with

  • People who have been newly diagnosed with a disease
  • People seeking help managing their health issues
  • People feeling an overwhelming sense of grief after a death, breakup or major life change
  • New Parents needing support and help with self-care
  • Family members dealing with or caring for a sick loved one
  • People facing a major life change
  • People having difficulty coping after a traumatic event
  • Transitioning from one life stage to another (example – having a first child, retirement, menopause)
  • physical/emotional symptoms that you cannot understand (don’t know where they came from or why you are having them)
  • a secret, painful/traumatic event or something from your past that you have been carrying around with you that you feel ready to resolve and let go of
  • difficulty transitioning to the new reality in light of COVID-19 and all that entails

Ready to take the leap?