Meet Emma,
your personal health care consultant. 

Emma is an acupuncture physician with thirteen years of clinical experience. Emma did her schooling in Canada and graduated, receiving her license in 2006. She worked in several multidisciplinary clinics in downtown Toronto, collaborating with other doctors and giving patients a multi-faceted approach to their health care needs. In 2013 she moved to the US, where she worked to receive her US license as an acupuncture physician and doctor of Oriental medicine.

Emma is also the founder of Chinese Medicine Living, a website about how to use the wisdom of Chinese medicine to live a healthy lifestyle in the modern world, a website she initially started for her patients but has since grown to have a worldwide following.

Emma found Chinese Medicine as a teenager after years of struggling with health issues. Western doctors told her that she needed major surgery that would leave her unable to have children or a lifetime of medication. Knowing there had to be another solution, she decided to pursue other options. She found a wonderful acupuncturist, and after a few months of acupuncture & Chinese herbs, the problems she had suffered from for years were resolved. At this point, she fell completely in love with Chinese Medicine and decided it was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She resonated with its approach to healing and wanted to help others find the healing that they might not know existed. She also wanted to educate the public about this wonderful medicine, so they knew they had options for healing that didn’t require surgery or drugs.

Sometimes you don’t choose what will be the focus of your passion and become your life’s work, it chooses you.

Emma has written extensively for Chinese Medicine Living, Acupuncture.com, and for Chinese Medicine Digital Magazine, and Qi Journal.
She is currently a regular contributor for The Epoch Times.

Listen to Emma’s interview about how to use Chinese medicine to be a healthy human on One Life Radio / June 2022

Listen to Emma’s interview–an introduction to acupuncture on One Life Radio / July 2022

The Institute of HeartMath

Emma is also a certified HeartMath practitioner. She uses HeartMath techniques to teach clients emotional self-regulation. The techniques are practical, easy to use and the positive effects can be felt immediately.

What is Chinese Medicine, and how does it work?

Chinese Medicine is a lens through which we can look at everything that exists, from our bodies, the natural world, the spirit, and beyond. Because Chinese Medicine is holistic, we take a broad view when evaluating someone and why they may be sick, feeling disconnected, having emotional problems, or just feeling like something isn’t right. 

One of the biggest contributors to the efficacy of Chinese Medicine is that the focus is not on the “disease” or illness but on the person. This is in stark contrast to the Western model, where the focus is entirely on the illness, and there is almost none on the individual. The goal of Chinese Medicine is to look at the entire picture and find the things that are out of balance in each instance, then work together with the client to bring all those elements back into balance so that health and harmony can be restored. 

Chinese Medicine is a beautiful system that acknowledges that there is a dynamic balance that exists between all the relationships in life – our relationship to our environment (nature, the planet, the universe), our relationships with others, our relationship to spirit and the divine, and perhaps most importantly, our relationship to ourselves.